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Conference Lecture

Managing the pain in our lives will either push us into negative expressions or bring about growth to positive growth and reflection.

We use negative expressions in self protection and predatory behaviors. Understanding how we deal with pain will ensure better choices in how we internalize our struggles.



Spiritual Intelligence is a reflection of what humanity is and what we can strive to be. Join this journey of hope and realization about the human spirit and understand what part the physical world plays in our journey to love, grow and learn. Death is not the end and our life has purpose beyond our everyday experiences. Understanding who we are in this reality allows our lives to progress in a positive manner. Empower yourself to be consciously aware.

Some have realized this after a near death experience where they were able to bring back memories of a glimpse of what is beyond the veil of the physical realm. Some of us are sensed to be old souls and young souls and this is not that far from the truth. As immortal beings, we will not be destroyed and will live on from the time we are created.

There is a growth shift in the human population at present. This shift is a realization that as a community, we can take personal responsibility and begin to embrace the positive aspects of life. Humanity is at an exciting time in history. Those who are focusing on their efforts on possibilities will begin to understand more of whom they are and that we are all connected. Science is beginning to understand that the supernatural is natural. Physics, philosophy, NDE, and psychology are explored.

What is consciousness? It is an awareness of life, thoughts, sense of self, and the elements of life. It is an awareness of others. It is an awareness of the sacredness of life. It is acknowledging life through thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and reactions.

Radio Interview

The human spirit, the human element and personal responsibilty are essential to our growth. Dianne discusses the environment, population issues, and her own NDE.

Living in a state of consciousness means that there is a balance or symbiosis to how one fits into existence within the environment. It is necessary to understand how we exist in the physical world as an expression of a much bigger existence. Our physical expression of ourselves is only part of who we are.

Spirit is not meant as a religious term. The spirit is the part that makes us animated. It is the immortal part of ourselves. Even if we are removed or disconnected from our current bodies we would then experience reality without them. The point here is that we are not our bodies and they are not us. We are much more in the sense of creation. We are immortal spirits living in a flesh reality until we wear out or are separated from that body. We all have a common trait in spirit and this means that there is a common ground where we can recognize the value of life and learn to strive for peace and understanding.

This means that humanity is beginning to see past the stereotypes, the facade of politics, the greed, and the uncaring attitude towards others. The color of skin, cultural differences, religions, and status are losing their separation power. People are awakening to their conscious minds. The auto pilot of unconsciousness is lifting and humanity is seeking a better life for our world. The boxes of labels, schools of thought, and superstitions are becoming transparent. This is a growth awareness where we can live in harmony with our environment and each other.